Transformer substation and turbines near Crysler (Resident supplied photo)

“Restore Our Earth” is Earth Day theme—tough to see in an industrialized landscape.

April 21, 2021

Earth Day looks a little different this year for the communities of Berwick, Finch and Crysler as 600-foot wind turbines, as tall as 60-storey office buildings, rise up over farmland and rural homes.

The Nation Rise wind power project with 29 huge power generating turbines is located throughout North Stormont on farmland that was excellent food producing land.

The Earth Day theme globally this year is to focus on “natural processes” and to repair and maintain ecosystems. “Restore Our Earth” is the mantra for 2021—but it takes on a different meaning when one views the large turbines.

Nation Rise is supposed to start commercial operation June 17; the capacity will be 100 megawatts of power, but in Ontario, wind power is generated out of phase with demand, and only intermittently. At the time of writing, wind is producing 1,900 megawatts to meet the 15,000 megawatt Ontario system demand.

Residents have lived through many months of construction including the access roads built to build the turbines and service them. A transformer substation was also built as part of the project infrastructure (pictured above). As far as one can see, the required acoustic barrier around the substation has not been completed.

Anyone experiencing excessive noise/vibration/sound pressure, or who is noticing problems with their water well function, should call the Ontario environment ministry Spills LIne at 1-866-MOE-TIPS.

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