Ottawa Wind Concerns is a community group that provides information on wind power projects in Ontario and specifically the Ottawa area.

Wind turbines are an industrial use of the land, and represent a high-impact form of power generation for intermittent, out of phase with demand supply.

We began work in 2008 when a 20-megawatt wind power project was proposed for the North Gower-Richmond area of Ottawa, which would have been too close to homes; several other projects were proposed at that time, including one in the Appleton area, South Branch,  and North Stormont/Nation Rise/Crysler Wind Farm.

Please see other pages for information on the earlier project, and email us at ottawawindconcerns@gmail.com

Follow us on Twitter @northgowerwind

Ottawa claims it has “no plans” to install wind turbines; however, there are clear statements in the Energy Evolution document that indicate the City is open to such development. The illustration below is from the City’s Climate Action newsletter.

NOTE: references on these pages to other organizations or use of quotes from publications published by them do not mean support for those organizations’ views on other subjects.



3 thoughts on “About”

  1. We are fighting the same fight in our community, please watch this video

  2. Juergen Schlaepfer said:

    I am interested in signing your petition, but it’s hard to find information about it, can you please send me the link or the document to sign?

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