Wind turbine and home, Brinston, Ontario. Photo by Ray Pilon.

Wind turbine and home, Brinston, Ontario. Photo by Ray Pilon.

The first wind power development to use the large 3-megawatt turbinesbegan operation in March 2014, about 40 minutes south of Ottawa at Brinston, in South Dundas. There will be more power projects using these higher capacity turbines.

The project began operation in mid-March 2014 and apparently, the first official noise complaint was made within two weeks.

Despite provincial regulations, the South Branch project does not have a completed audit to demonstrate compliance with noise regulations — it should have one, and it should be posted publicly.

Brinston-area residents who are noticing any effects from the noise or vibration (infrasound) produced by the turbines should take the following steps:

CALL the Ministry of the Environment “Spills Line” at: 1-800-860-2760 When calling, note the weather conditions at the time, the nature of the noise/vibration/sensation you are experiencing, and any other details. Be sure to get the NAME of the person you speak to and the REFERENCE NUMBER for your report. Be polite at all times. You may wish to copy your MPP, your local Health Unit, and your municipal council.

KEEP A JOURNAL of all events.


You may also call the wind power developer EDP Renewables at: (1-877-910-3377 ext 3)

You can also send your comments to a website managed by a volunteer who is tracking noise complaints:

As there is no citizens’ group presently in the South Branch area, we invite interested readers to contact Ottawa Wind Concerns at or Wind Concerns Ontario at

EDP Renewables, who manages the Brinston project, announced they intend to build more turbines in South Dundas, and in North Stormont.


EDP Renewables has successfully achieved a contract for a 100-megawatt project, which could be 30 2.5-MW turbines, or more powerful (EDP’s documentation notes the turbines could be as much as 4 megawatt capacity). The Concerned Citizens of North Stormont is taking action and seeking legal counsel. If you wish to contact them check their website here.

Documents are now being prepared by developer EDP for submission for a Renewable Energy Approval (REA).


There is also a 12-turbine project planned for La Nation, near the communities of St Bernardin, Casselman and St Isidore, by RES Canada. Documents are also being prepared for Renewable Energy Approva for this project, which is also contested by the community, and is not needed in Ontario.

For more information, please see community group Save The Nation/Sauvons La Nation here: (French available)

Key points:

  • There has never been a cost-benefit analysis done for wind power and its effect on the economy, the natural environment, and on our communities.
  • Wind power does not benefit the environment: it needs backup from natural gas, which means more greenhouse gases, not less. It is also high impact die to construction and access roads, and harms wildlife.
  • Wind power CANNOT replace nuclear or anything else–it is intermittent.
  • There is a cap on the property tax assessment for wind turbines ($40,000 per megawatt) which means the municipality will receive less  in property tax revenues for a huge power project than it would for a few dozen houses.
  • Ontario is supplied 85% by emissions-free hydro and nuclear power.
  • Wind power is backed up by natural gas, which does create GHG emissions.
  • The wind first policy to the grid means MILLIONS of dollars of power (Ontario has a surplus) is being wasted. Or sold off cheap to the United States




  1. Do you have any information on up coming meetings to get more involved ? I am new to the area of South Dundas and very concerned about the talks of an even larger wind farm.

  2. Feeling familiar.. we just moved to North Dundas and are right along the finch winchester township line road. We are not happy – what can we do to help?

    • Go to any and all public meetings starting with May 6, and also let your Council know your wishes. Ontario has a surplus of power, wind power does not fulfill any of the promises made for it, and there has never been a cost-benefit study of the impacts of this government policy (two Auditors General have said that). Promises of jobs and revenue for the municipality are also vastly overstated. Email me at

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