Wind turbine and home, Brinston, Ontario. Photo by Ray Pilon.

Wind turbine and home, Brinston, Ontario. Photo by Ray Pilon.

Ottawa’s new RuralMapOttawa allows for the development of “renewable energy” or renewable power generation projects in “Rural Countryside, Greenbelt/Greenbelt Facility, and Environmental Lands.

Ottawa’s climate action plan, Energy Evolution, calls for 3200 megawatts of wind power (equal to 32 Nation Rise power projects), 36 sq km of solar panels, and battery storage equal to 122 shipping containers (page 45).

Ottawa’s rural communities need protection for safety and health.

The planning staff are currently writing new zoning bylaws to go along with the new Official Plan.

We’re calling for a setback between wind turbines and residential property lines of 2 km. This is in keeping with current trends in the U.S. and around the world, where setback distances are being extended due to experiences with environmental noise produced by industrial wind turbines.

Download our petition here petition-1

Email us to have the signed petition picked up, at


mail it to Wind Concerns PO Box 91047  RPO SIGNATURE CTR KANATA ON   K2T 0A3

Because wind turbines are an industrial land use, and  not compatible with homes, schools and workplaces.




5 thoughts on “SIGN THE PETITION”

  1. Do you have any information on up coming meetings to get more involved ? I am new to the area of South Dundas and very concerned about the talks of an even larger wind farm.

  2. Feeling familiar.. we just moved to North Dundas and are right along the finch winchester township line road. We are not happy – what can we do to help?

    • Go to any and all public meetings starting with May 6, and also let your Council know your wishes. Ontario has a surplus of power, wind power does not fulfill any of the promises made for it, and there has never been a cost-benefit study of the impacts of this government policy (two Auditors General have said that). Promises of jobs and revenue for the municipality are also vastly overstated. Email me at

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