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There have been some interesting TV news stories and radio interviews lately, let’s catch up, shall we?

MPP asks Premier to halt wind power project: CTV news, Kitchener. Note that MPP Pettapiece speaks of a referendum conducted in his riding, the results of which were that 96% of those surveyed said NO to the wind project. Note also the proximity of the turbines to a public school which has a special program for autistic children, who will be very affected by the noise and shadow flicker. The wind power developer doesn’t care. The province doesn’t care.

The story is here: http://kitchener.ctvnews.ca/mpp-asks-premier-to-put-an-end-win-energy-project-1.1189439

The last two days, CFRA’s morning show has been running interviews on the negative effects of wind turbines and wind power projects. Monday was an interview with Ottawa Wind Concerns/Wind Concerns Ontario chair Jane Wilson and the Globe and Mail’s Roy MacGregor. The topic was the wind power projects proposed for the scenic Algoma Region of Ontario, which is visited by countless tourists from around the world annually, who come to see the unparalleled beauty, made famous by Group of Seven painters.

Tuesday, CFRA’s Steve Madeley interviewed biology prof and executive director of the Long Point Waterfowl Conservancy on the negative impacts of turbines on wildlife. Note that Dr Petrie says Ontario’s setbacks are inadequate, that some areas of Ontario have been the “worst possible” place to put turbines, and further that because wind power developers do the environmental assessments themselves, they “always come up with the right answer.”

This interview is important coming as it does in the midst of the Environmental Review tribunal for the project at ostrander Point, a “globally significant” area for migrating birds.

To catch the radio interviews, go to http://www.cfra.com/interviews/ and scroll down the list. They’re only about 10 minutes each.

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