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A news story popped up on the Kingston JournalĀ  in Maine this weekend, with video of what life is like for a Kingston area family living near a 2-MW wind turbine. The family must endure as much as 70 minutes of shadow flicker a day from the turbine, which they say has been placed too close to their house.

As if living with the strobe-like effect wasn’t bad enough, the couple’s 14-year-old son has epilepsy and the shadow flicker could cause him to have a seizure. The result is, he can’t stay alone in his own home for fear of what the flashing light might do.

The video is only four minutes long, but a shocking depiction of yet another negative effect from these huge machines.

Here is the video: http://kingstonjournal.com/kj-com-exclusive-video-going-inside-kingstons-flicker-zone/

And all this human tragedy for something that doesn’t even really produce any electricity; it exists solely to collect government subsidies.

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