Here from the Welland Tribune, how one council is carrying out its responsibilities to its citizens.


West Lincoln’s tough stance on green energy has shut out solar power, claims a furious Niagara green energy developer.

Albert Zappitelli of Umbrella Energy says his $300,000 plan to install 100,000 watts of solar panels on a client’s Moote Rd. barn is dead. He alleges it’s a casualty of the township’s battle against wind energy.

But township staff say aldermen have agreed not to give support to any feed-in tariff project — support Zappitelli said is critical to winning a green contract from the province. And they said Zappitelli’s bid to speak Monday at township council was shot down because he didn’t give 10 days’ notice.

“The message I got was you’re beating up a whole industry to get back at another,” Zappitelli said.

“We’re a victim of a protest that has…

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