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On this first day of the new electricity rates imposed by Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli on Ontario consumers, it is appropriate to quote PC Energy Critic Lisa MacLeod from yesterday at Queen’s Park:

LisaMacLeodIn the few seconds I have left, let me talk about North Gower. They’re a community that is living this hydro nightmare because they are going to be forced to deal with these wind turbines. They’re not a willing host, and they know that their neighbours down the road in Bells Corners…struggling to stay in business are going to have to pay for high hydro hikes as a result of the government’s disastrous green energy policy. That is, I think, a perfect example of the Green Energy Act assaulting rural communities, and just 15 minutes down the road, businesses going out of business. I couldn’t make that point more clearly.”

To complete the brief online poll about expensive wind power in the Ottawa area, please go to: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LZSDL9N