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Turbines near Chatham-Kent Municipal Airport (Photo by Trevor Thompson)

Blackburn News, September 2, 2014

Photo: Trevor Thompson

An appeal to an order to have wind turbines removed at the Chatham-Kent Municipal Airport continues to move through the federal process.

Renewable Energy company GDF Suez is arguing that the turbines don’t pose any danger to incoming or outgoing aircraft. But Transport Canada disagrees, and has ordered them removed by the end of the year.

According to a Transport Canada email sent to BlackburnNews.com, a board is being formed to review the company’s appeal and hear the government’s reasoning for the removal order.

The government says the board will be made up of one or more impartial representatives. There’s no word on when the board will be formed or when the hearing will take place.

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Editor’s note: GDF Suez is headed by Mike Crawley, former president of the Ontario Liberal Party, and the Liberal Party of Canada. Anyone who saw the documentary Down Wind is aware of Mr Crawley’s success in reaping millions of dollars worth of wind power contracts from the ONtario government.