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Ottawa economist Robert Lyman, who specializes in energy issues, has taken the time to summarize the key points in the Auditor General for Ontario’s report released this week.

His full summary is here. Summary2013 AG ANNUAL VALUE FOR MONEY REPORT

An excerpt:

Despite its diplomatic terminology, the 2011 Auditor General report was a major attack on the rationale for and the implementation of the Ontario government’s renewable energy strategy. The response of the government over the past year includes some significant concessions, including the long-overdue reductions in FIT rates for solar power facilities, although those rates remain 10 times higher than those for conventional energy. The changes that have been made to date, while important, do not alter the path towards one of the most expensive electricity regimes in the world. The “improvements” in planning mean, in effect, that the path for wind and solar power plants on sensitive lands, including Crown lands, will be easier and faster. It is refreshing to see the government’s arguments for employment benefits and greenhouse gas emissions benefits from the high cost renewables strategy so completely undermined. GHGs are actually increasing as a result of the present strategy!

Thanks Bob, for this.

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