In a letter to Environmental and Lands Tribunal Ontario, a lawyer at Torys LLP, representing wind power developer NextEra in the appeal of the Adelaide wind power project, objects to the appellant’s request to videorecord the proceedings.

Justin Necpal writes “There is evidence that anti-wind groups [sic] have used the Internet and social media to criticize REA appeal participants, creating the potential for a threatening environment for wind developers and the governmental agencies that are involved in issuing approvals for wind energy projects. In one recent REA appeal, audio recordings of the hearing were made and photos of legal counsel were taken, and both were posted to the Internet. There are other examples of activities by wind opponents that give rise to personal security concerns for those participating in REA appeals…” See the full letter, copied to appellant Esther Wrightman, here.

Mr Necpal, who is a litgation lawyer…

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