Coalition of ‘Unwilling Host’ Municipalities

Press Statement October 6, 2013

Over the past week, the total number of ‘Unwilling Host’ municipalities grew to 71 as South Dundas and Bruce County endorsed resolutions removing support for more wind turbines in their municipalities. This number has more than doubled since the provincial government announced in late May that they were going to address municipal concerns with the wind turbine program.  Two more Councils, Greater Napanee and West Elgin, are expected to consider related resolutions at meetings this week.

This growing opposition is a response to activities by wind turbine companies in areas not previously affected by projects and an understanding that Ontario does not need more electricity at this time.  Municipalities are seeing the impact of existing turbines on their communities or their neighbours and do not want the same things to happen in their municipality.  The government’s proposals for community benefit…

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