Those of us opposing industrial wind power generation projects in places where no such industrial activity should ever be, have known how crazy Ontario’s power policies have been, despite the bland patronizing comments from government and the insinuations from the predatory wind power development lobby.

In today’s Financial Post, editor Terence Corcoran takes a grim view and refers to a damning new report from the CD Howe Institute.

For almost five years FP Comment has inveighed against the Ontario government’s profoundly uneconomic and costly electricity regime, a dictatorial and monopolist system that uses taxes and subsidies to greenify the power system of the largest provincial economy in Canada.  As I wrote in 2009: “In the midst of a major economic meltdown, and with looming budget deficits totaling more than $18-billion, now might not be the best time for the government of Ontario to be embarking on a crushing new…

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