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National Post columnist Scott Stinson weighs in on Ontario’s power situation today, saying the province is paying a very high price for “green energy.”

Labelling the government’s handling of this issue as “spectacular mishandling” and an example of poor governance (we would venture to say there’s more than a dollop of misfeasance in there, too), Stinson says government actions have had a “punitive” effect on taxpayers.

And, it’s all for nothing. The Green Energy Act was created to solve a problem that didn’t exist. Ontario already had lots of “clean” power in the form of hydro and nuclear, and we did not need to create a subsidy system that had the effect of shovelling ratepayer money into the pockets of huge corporations, many of them foreign-owned.

Read the article here and pass it along to your friends and family. It’s time the voters of this province got out of the “green” fog and checked their wallets.


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