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IESO awards 100-megawatt wind power project to community in spite of no support

Cornwall Standard Freeholder March 13, 2016

Four renewable energy projects located in Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry will be offered contracts by Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator.

So far, at least one township is unhappy with the decision.

EDP Renewables Canada Ltd. has applied for permission to erect an on-shore wind farm in North Stormont. The organization began the Nation Rise project in 2012 with a 60-metre meteorological tower. Since then it has secured more than 4,000 hectares (10,000 acres) through land agreements with approximately 40 local landowners.

However, the Township of North Stormont released a statement last week where it issued a reminder that council voted on July 28 to not support any of the proposed projects within the municipality – including Nation Rise.

Even without the support of the township as a willing host, the IESO still awarded the 100,000 megawatt project a contract.

“The municipality will continue to work in its capacity as a commenting agency in regard to renewable energy projects and the necessary approvals that are required by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and the building code,” said the release.

MPP Jim McDonell also expressed his displeasure in the project by questioning the Minister of Energy on the government’s empty commitment to listen to municipalities and their residents who oppose these projects.

“Just before I asked my question, the Liberals said they listened to municipalities,” said McDonell.

“They clearly didn’t. The people of North Stormont and the Township of North Stormont said a clear no to wind farms in their township, rejecting the $9-million incentive offered by the developer in exchange for municipal support.

“This approval makes a mockery of due process and consultation.”

McDonell said he wouldn’t let the subject drop and has filed a Notice of Dissatisfaction with the minister’s answer.

“The minister will have to answer me a week from Tuesday in detail,” said McDonell. “The people of North Stormont deserve a voice when the government denies them one.”

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