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The price per kilowatt hour is going up at all times of the day starting November 1.

Off-peak rates have climbed 51% since 2010

From the CBC:

Ontario hydro bills are scheduled to increase as temperatures decrease, the Ontario Energy Board announced Thursday.

The price per kilowatt hour will go up for on-, off- and mid-peak hours of the day starting November 1.

The Board says the changes will translate into a 1.7 per cent increase on a typical bill. That’s about $2 a month for the average household.

The lowest priced periods remain weekdays from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., as well as all day during weekends and holidays. The off-peak price will be 7.7 cents per kilowatt hour — a 0.2 cent increase from current prices.

Electricity prices in Ontario have now gone up 51 per cent in off-peak usage, 41 per cent in mid-peak usage and 41 per cent in peak usage in the last four years.