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Ottawa Public Health is asking members of the public for help as they determine their priorities for 2015-2018. You may take the survey and provide responses here.

If a wind power project is to accepted and approved for any area of Ottawa, it would be appropriate for the City of Ottawa and its public health department to have made provision to protect residents. Some suggestions might be

-pre-operational noise measurements

-pre-operational baseline health survey of residents within 3 km

-post-operational health assessments

-measurement of noise AND infrasound to ensure compliance with regulations (note: there are presently NO regulations concerning infrasound and the province will not have a protocol until 2015)

The Green Energy Act removed local land-use planning powers for municipalities facing renewable power projects, but municipalities remain responsible for protecting their residents from “nuisance” and harm.

Ottawa should be prepared now to address this, should a wind power project come forward.