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We have already published the statements from candidates for the Ontario election from the Liberal, NDP, Ontario Progressive Conservative and Green parties; we contacted Libertarian Party candidate Coreen Corcoran, who provided us with the following, as relates to large-scale wind power generation in Ontario and in specific, the only project currently proposed for the Ottawa area, in North Gower-Richmond.

Ms Corcoran writes:

Ontario Libertarian point of view
We do not believe that any industry should be given preferential treatment by the government over another industry, to the extent that the government should be out of the subsidy business all together. There are no private companies willing to stick their necks out to fund and own the risk of running wind farms 100%. They are relying on government subsidies to create an industry that is not wanted or even viable at this point in time. We would stop risky energy programs and leave it to the market to test unproven technologies. If it could survive in a free-market, let it, but it is doubtful the current technology would have any support. If a free-market wouldn’t support it, why should the taxpayers of Ontario?

My personal point of view
I saw the documentary Windfall a couple of years ago, and after seeing that film, I knew that wind power in its current form wasn’t sustainable. The physical impacts on the people who live near the turbines, the many birds and bats that are killed by the blades, and the huge government grants required to sustain this industry are all reasons why we need to stop it in its tracks. Maybe someday there will be a way to harness wind power on a large scale, but giant turbines covering our landscape and taking people out of their homes is not the way to do it.

You have my support.

Thank You,
Coreen Corcoran


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