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MPP Laurie Scott asked Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli today whether there was still a FIT contract in place for the now withdrawn Sumac Ridge wind power project in Kawartha Lakes. After making a lame joke about shoe stores, Minister Chiarelli said his government will not cancel contracts and to do so would result in $20 billion worth of litigation for Ontario. (That is the amount of contracts for the 55 wind power projects still in the approval process.)

This is false. The FIT contract is the first step in a long process leading to Renewable Energy Approval; the government has the ability to choose not to fulfill the contracts, and not to grant a renewable energy approval at any stage, or to rescind such approval once granted.

In a rare appearance on this issue, Environment Minister Jim Bradley also stands to not answer the question, replying with platitudes about how rigorous the approval process is, and how the public can appeal any project. Right.

Here is the clip from Queen’s Park today. Note the mention of Wind Concerns Ontario’s letter to Minister Chiarelli.