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Open Letter

Honourable Bob Chiarelli

Minister of Energy


Dear Minister,


I am writing you for the third time in seven days regarding two matters of substantial concern to Hydro users in Ontario. Your absence in the last week has been noticeable and makes me question your commitment and desire to carry out your duties and mandate.


First, as you are aware in our Eastern Ontario region, Hydro One has initiated improper billing procedures and has threatened to cut of power during the winter for families who are unable to meet Hydro One’s unreasonable demands.  Last Friday, December 20th I requested a directive from you to Hydro One to be issued no later than Monday, December 23rd to correct Hydro One’s incompetent and dishonest billing system, however rural Eastern Ontarians are still waiting for you to display leadership.  No corrective measures have been taken.


Secondly and more pressing are the tens of thousands of people without power in Toronto, the GTA and throughout rural Southwestern Ontario.   As hydro crews make steady progress I remain concerned that you have still not contacted Opposition MPPs whose communities are impacted by power outages. As you know, it is very important for the Government to communicate with MPPS, even from other political parties, because their constituents turn to them for information and reassurance on the Government’s resolve to return power to their homes. Many Ontarians have gone without power for almost a week, unfortunately, I have been informed by my Progressive Conservative colleagues in affected areas that neither you, nor the Premier’s office or Hydro One have initiated communication with them. This is a basic failure of communication and one that I asked you to rectify in my Tuesday, December 24th follow up letter to you.  


Minister, as I am sure you can appreciate, maintaining power and restoring power is absolutely crucial to Ontarians during the winter.   It is -10 today.   I request your immediate action and an end to your week long silence in these two most pressing energy related matters.

Lisa MacLeod, MPP
Ontario PC Energy Critic