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Residents of Norwich Township near Woodstock Ontario have decided that legal action is the best way to protect their community from property value loss and potential health problems related to the environmental noise and vibration produced by large-scale wind turbines.

In a news release dated today, the community members say they are filing a “draft” of the intended legal action, demanding $28 million; the legal action is directed at Prowind Canada, Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm, and the property owners leasing land for the wind power project.

Prowind Canada developed a power project just south of Ottawa at Brinston, which it sold to EDP Renewables, and is the developer responsible for the Marlborough wind power project near North Gower and Richmond in the City of Ottawa.

Toronto-based environmental lawyer Eric Gillespie is acting for the Norwich area residents; he can be reached at 416-436-7473.

Gillespie is also the lawyer for Ottawa Wind Concerns, which objects to the Marlborough project, within 3 km of more than 1,000 area homes. The Marlborough project, if it proceeds, could reduce property values for nearby homes by $134 million.