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A decision came down from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice last evening, which at first seems like a defeat for communities and people who suddenly find themselves predated upon by huge, subsidy-seeking wind power developers. The decision read that the plaintiffs in a legal action based on lost property values would not be able to proceed with their action.

Right now.

But if the project is approved by the Ontario government, that would be another story.

Also in the decision were remarks that the Court accepted evidence on property value loss–in the area of 22-50%– and also evidence from Dr Robert McMurtry on the potential for health effects.

This is a very significant event and marks a sea change for people and communities wishing to have some say in what goes on around them. As you know, local land use planning powers were removed for renewable energy projects by the Green Energy Act. What’s worse, as municipalities seek ways to get some form of control back, wind power developers are responding with punitive lawsuits (Thunder Bay, Wainfleet, Bluewater).

The news release on the court decision is here. As soon as we find a link to the full decision, we’ll get that for you too.


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