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In today’s Toronto Star (often a Liberal party mouthpiece) a story on how much Ontario’s decision to promote wind power at the expense of everything else, including hydro, is costing the people of Ontario $200 million per year. And yet, the province plans to triple the capacity… and thus triple the expense.

We can believe it: MP Pierre Poilievre commissioned the Library of Parliament to study the wind power project proposed for North Gower-Richmond and the results were that the project will cost Ontario ratepayers $4.8 million per year in subsidies. That amount doesn’t cover the cost of transmission lines (about a million per km) to service the project.

The story is here http://www.thestar.com/business/2013/02/26/surplus_wind_power_could_cost_ontario_ratepayers_up_to_200_million_ieso.html

Meanwhile, power rates climb. Ontario MPP Sylvia Jones rose in the Legislature today to tell of customers whose power bills are now higher than their mortgage bills, and of small business that are just giving up and closing down.

This is not a recipe for success in Ontario.

The Ontario government MUST halt all approvals of wind power projects now, and cancel the Feed In Tariff program. No choice about it.

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