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Friends of Wind, a wind biz lobby group funded organization, has been lauded by CanWEA’s VP of Communications Chris Forrest as being on the “right” side of history, in the fight against the “devastating” effects of the use of fossil fuels for power.

Applauding the volunteer efforts of its members, Forrest claims that while others languish, these solid citizens are spending volunteer hours working hard to get their message out. http://friendsofwind.ca/here-on-the-right-side-of-history/

So are we, Mr Forrest, so are we.

There are legions of people in Ontario–doctors, nurses, engineers, teachers, safety experts, acousticians, and others from all spheres–who are working tirelessly to protect the health and safety of people in this province, to say nothing of Ontario’s natural environment and word-renowned beautiful landscapes.

We believe that sources of power ought to be safe for everyone, not benefit just a few. We believe that the Ontario government’s green energy program ought to have been based on a proper cost-benefit analysis–it wasn’t (the Auditor-General says so). We believe the setbacks based on noise modelling ought to have been based on science–they weren’t. And as a result, hundreds of people across Ontario are now ill from exposure to the environmental noise and vibration produced by these huge power plants.

What does the wind industry say about the people reporting ill health effects? It’s all in their heads, they could benefit from therapy, if they got a bit of money their objections would go away … etc etc. This is just like the tobacco industry which maintained for years that not only were cigarettes not harmful, they were actually good for you.

We know who was on the “right” side of history there.

The “right” side now, is the side that stands up for health, the environment, and change that truly benefits the economy of Ontario … not a rush toward invasive, low-benefit, intermittent and unreliable wind power that benefits a few at the expense of many.

Cancel the Feed In Tariff program, repeal the Green Energy Act, hold the wind power plants compliant to noise regulations, and compensate those who have lost their health and property values…these are the right things to do.