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Perhaps you are aware of the 60-megawatt wind power project proposed for Manitoulin Island. Northland Power recently got its approval and the latest development is that the citizens’ group there, Manitoulin Coalition for Safe Energy Alternatives or MCSEA, has withdrawn its application for an appeal. “The deck is stacked against us,” said leader Raymond Beaudry. He pointed to the dismissal of an appeal of the huge Samsung project in Chatham-Kent, saying that the “test” to prove irreversible harm to the environment was impossible.

Construction on the Manitoulin project is underway right now, with mature trees being felled like matchsticks to make way for the huge access roads needed to build and maintain the project.

This first phase is 60 MW or about 24 turbines but plans mean the island–known to native peoples as Great Spirit Island–could eventually have 600 turbines.

Here is a photo of the destruction going on this week. This type of impact on the environment is irreversible. In 20 years, when the whole wind “scam” will be over, and the profiteers long gone, the damage will live on.

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