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From this week’s Chesterville Record, news that Prowind sold its 14-turbine project to Houston-based EDP.

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This is bad news for the community there–Prowind already has a Feed In Tariff or FIT contract for the project. Now, as owner, EDP will simply be able to add to it without additional environmental assessments or any other sort of oversight.

Not that there is any, anyway.

The subsidies given to wind power developers under FIT amount to about $500,000 per turbine, per year. Just a few kilometers away from Cornwall, which purchases cheap hydro power from Quebec for about 6 cents a kWh, the South Branch project will have a nameplate capacity of 30 megawatts. This is power that Ontario does NOT need.

In other news, in Ottawa at a Town Hall last evening, PC Leader Tim Hudak repeated his pledge to cancel the Feed In Tariff program if his party wins the next election.

Energy Minister Chris Bentley announced today that he is not seeking the Party leadership and is indeed leaving politics. Asked in Ottawa if he was surprised that Finance Minister Dwight Duncan was leaving politics, Mr Hudak said, “Who can blame him? Six budgets and he never once balanced the budget and now he’s leaving behind the worst financial mess.”

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