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Guest Helen McDade of Scotland’s John Muir Trust hit the nail on the head on the August 5th Wind Wise Radio show (always a great show, check in Sundays at 7 p.m. to the Internet show at http://www.windwiseradio.org). She said, wind power generation is being sold around the world as the way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The problem is, she said, it doesn’t work: there is no evidence to show that wind power makes any appreciable difference in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

What is does make is plenty of money for the people developing wind energy as a resource, and what it also does is cost taxpayers and ratepayers plenty of money in subsidies. Electricity rates in Britain are skyrocketing, McDade and subsequent guests said.

Wind power developers claim that the experience in the U.K. and Europe is unblemished and positive. You could think that if you never read anything, or if you never heard of EPAW, the European Platform Against Wind, which has more than 400 member community groups protesting wind power developments.

Wind power: expensive, unreliable, and it doesn’t achieve the goal set for it.

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