Regional power plan

The Ontario Power Authority or OPA will be posting updates to the Integrated Regional Resource Plan (IRRP, because everything must have an acronym) on this page:

It is very important that we follow updates to this because the Energy Minister has said that, while municipalities remain without local land use planning powers (stripped by the Green Energy Act) the regional resource plans will be the defining factor in identifying power sources for a region. If, for example, the OPA were to decide that the Greater Ottawa area for some reason needs wind power, it will be identified in the regional plan.

When you go into details of the plan, you will find the following statement about Ottawa and growth such as new housing developments and the planned LRT: “This growth, when combined with a relatively sparse electricity supply system outside the Greenbelt, means options for  providing a reliable supply of electricity into the future need to be explored.”

“Reliable supply of electricity” is NOT wind power, which is produced out of phase with demand.


4 thoughts on “Regional power plan”

  1. charles stickley Green lane rd Hawkesbury On Champlain Township said:

    I attended the meeting on 4/3 2016 at your community center. I am from Champlain township but These people in the government like the Energy Ministry just do not get it. Ottawa has a surplus of energy and they are already in 2014 paid out $475 million for producers not to produce hydro. This wind farm will increase that payout. Both Wind turbines and solar are the least efficient electric produced and they cost the most. I can do volunteer work if you need someone to help out. The people of Ontario must unite against t the government’s poor decisions that have cost the citizens tons of money in higher hydro bills and destroying the enviroment with their money grabbing decisions. The townships that are in danger of wind turbines installations should unite against the government as the power is in the support of the citizens united against the construction. If there is anything I can do to help please contact me. Numbers of people participating means more opposition and power against the government decisions Thanks

  2. Stan Thayer said:

    As I understand it, the Green Energy Act was introduced to move money not electricity. Now the electrical grid voltage in Ontario fluctuates up and down with the wind and the sun and the clouds. The three phase system is so out of balance at times that some industries are forced to shut down. Then they move out of Ontario! The coal plants can now be sold, they have not been used in decades anyway! I hope someday to work on a windmill or solar panel that will produce more energy than was used to manufacture and install it! I put some up and I know what it cost, I wonder who will take them down and what it will cost!
    Stan Thayer

  3. Jennifer Dance said:

    Mike hudema on instagram posted some information about wind turbines for transport canada 🇨🇦.

    Thanks in advance,
    Jen Dance
    Tel 6136043486

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