Important documents

>Prowind’s website. The company is showing the Marlborough project as still active though no bid was placed for the 2015 process and in fact, Prowind did not qualify to bid on large renewable projects.


Prowind HQ-HamiltonWho is doing this to us? Prowind’s head office in Hamilton, Ontario

9 thoughts on “Important documents”

  1. scott paterson said:

    sorry guys.

    i’m 100 % with you but….

    its a terrible website. it has no impact. u need to make your message clear and easy to grasp. you need to show the visuals of what North Gower would look like.. show it from various angles show ip up close and how far away you could see them, from.
    help us visualize. that will create impact.

    animate the concept

    • Well, that helps. Thanks.
      It’s difficult to “animate” something that doesn’t exist—there are NO 626-foot wind turbines in operation anywhere in North America yet. If we tried to do that, we could be accused of exaggerating and fearmongering. It’s also difficult to portray the turbine locations when the company is not revealing that. Coincidence? No way.
      Positive and helpful comments would be nice, thank you.
      Check out the video from Germany and see if that doesn’t help.

  2. Do you have a link to the project proposal?

    • The proposal is on Prowind’s website at under projects, Marlborough. Be aware, however, that the map is not remotely accurate, and the photos depicting what the turbines will look like are a complete fabrication. At 626 feet tall, they will be the same as 60-storey office towers (of which we have none in Ottawa).
      We have a map of possible turbine locations based on Prowind documents, and the influence on North Gower to 3.5 km

  3. I’m trying to find where it specifies the height of the turbines

  4. J Hood it does not indicate size on ProWind website but none of the documentation on the website shows any negative details (obviously). Here is one website that does specify height.

    • Prowind appears to have removed the project specifications from the website.
      Why not? Their study area map is a piece of fiction too, as are the “photos” of what the project will look like. These turbines are so tall that you would even see the tops of them, as pictured in those photoshopped pics.

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